Which OEM should release the Nexus 5?

At this point everything about the next nexus is just false speculation but that doesnt stop us from dreaming. Which OEM do you think is worthy of making the next nexus device and why? In my opinion, the company who is knocking the Nexus door the hardest is HTC. Everybody knows HTC makes great hardware but software is lacking so this would make an amazing device. Sony is another OEM that would make an interesting device, they release developer friendly devices anyway and their hardware is also top notch. A Nokia Nexus is one of my wild wet dreams. A nokia nexus makes some sort of strange sense, although this would never happen, a partnership would be interesting seeing as how by releasing a nexus device they would´nt have to worry about making a skin and could focus on WP8. A brief love affair between these two would make a lot of sales so this would be a smart move.