CyanogenMod 10 on the Galaxy S (i9000)

Hello fellow AAs,

As there seems to be a Snapshot-M-version of CM10.1 available I was wondering if any of you have given it a run on the old galaxy S (i9000) yet? If so: How does it do compared to CM 7 (android 2.3.7) regarding battery life, overall performance and stability?

I know, I know I could just flash it and check it out- thing is, it's my girlfriend's phone and she will only agree to having her precious phone wiped if I can really convince her that it's worth it.

Right now it's running CM 7 and save some (annoying) hiccups here and there (mobile connection suddenly lost until reboot, rare random reboots) things are working OK.

So basically my question is: Is updating from CM 7 to 10 worth the hassle?

Advice is highly appreciated!