Oh dear. linux compensation wallpaper

To b fair, this is specifically a tumblr for terrible linux wallpapers but seriously, the sheer amount of overcompensation going on here....

To start with, there's the "I have never had sex and never will" stereotype in full effect -

Never touched a woman

Which is of course, only one of all too many, and then there's the "My penis is very small. I must denigrate something in order to feel superior" brigade. Here's a couple of their little gems.

I feel so inferior

maybe in 2003

yeah, kill the philanthroprist, you dick

actually, having two things to jerk over isn't really multitasking

There's even a swipe at OSX in there.

Throw in just a little outrageous wishful thinking....

Do you do sandwiches?  For the love of god, eat a sandwich

And there you have it.The terrible linux wallpapers tumblr. There are many more.

Enjoy. And feel just a little pity.