Am I the only one starting to get bored with the WP8 interface?

Don't drag me, I LOVE Microsoft and Nokia. Things aren't perfect now, but it's only the beginning and they will eventually make this OS better in the next few generations.

1. The tiles are great, but the selection is limited.

2. The light background looks very awkward, and the dark background gets boring and dull afterwards. It's like a high contrast theme with colourful blocks. It gets tiring when you get used to it.

3. Background images is missing, I'd love to have background images in the home screen - more specifically something exactly like the background images in the Windows 8 Start screen - (I have icey-light blue theme which looks amazing!)

4. An Overall theme selector, instead of just tile themes.

I know I'll get burned by the most die hard Microstans, but I hope I put up a good argument here. I love Microsoft, and I love how fast and fluid Windows 8 is.