How to get the best out of your Nexus 7

I bought my Nexus 7 with 3G like 1 month ago and after quite heavy use i want to give some general tips about what to do with it. I'd also like to hear your opinions and ideas. (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasn't sure if it belongs in Android Army or Tablet Talk)

First of all, i recommend you to do some basic mods:


I was lucky enough to get a device without any hardware defects, but the software needed some improvement.
I'd not recommend you to use Custom Roms at the moment. You can do this, but at the time there isnt much benefit from this - you will only notice some more settings but also some more bugs.

But i would recommend you to root your device. First of all it is very easy, also you need it for some apps i will list here.
With a toolbox like this it shouldn't be a problem, even if you never did something like this before.

One you are rooted you can even do some basic mods which allows your tablets to send and recieve SMS/MMS or to be used as a Wifi Hotspot.


I will list some Apps here which are pretty useful and often used on my N7, but im sure there are much more.


Used every day, essential:

The Google Apps - free
I think i dont have to say much about them, Gmail, maps, translator, search, calendar and so on are on every android device

Total Commander - free
well-known from Windows PC, solid fileexplorer with everything you need and even more

Stock SMS-Application
already listed under Mods, see above

Tasks - 0.99$
minmalistic tasks app with google tasks sync, very useful

GMD Gesture Control - ~4$

lets you use and customize different gestures (mulitouch support up to 5 fingers). once you got used to it you are much faster at using your tablet, also you can hide your navigation bar with further mods - you gain more space on your screen to use.

MX Player - free
best video player on android imo, takes almost every file type and got a lot of different settings

PowerAMP - ~ 3$
best music player on android imo, same as MX Player

Moon+ Reader - free
best reader app on android imo, use it very often because the size of the N7 makes it ideal as an ebook-reader.
takes every filetype, many settings, fast updates, even lets you set the display brightnes 50% lower than system lowest for reading at night.

Other Good Apps

not essential, but pretty good

Kingsoft Office (good office software, but didnt try much else)

SketchBook (good drawing/sketching)

Zooper Widget (got the pro-version for 1$, lets you design own widgets if you are into customization)

Skype (if you are using skype - do it on your n7. its much more comfortable than on a pc or even laptop)

Nexus Media Importer (lets you use USB flash drives via OTG-Cable, very useful)

Naked Browser (the design is ugly, but its incredibly fast)


You should get a case to protect it, if you dont want to use it only at home (which would be kind of stupid with a 3G-Version). I didnt like the feel of a bookcover and found others disturbing while using it, so i just got this one for transport.

It also recommend a stylus - using one wont get you any fingerprints on your display and especially writing is much faster. I got a 5$ pen from amazon, i think you cant do much wrong with buying one.

Something else you should think about is a keyboard. With a good office software and a keyboard your Nexus is almost a small netbook which could be used in university/college/school/whatever you visit.
I didnt get one yet but i think about it.


I'd really like to make a list here to get some kind of guide for Nexus 7 owners. I think ive listed some basic thing but other ideas would be much appreciated. I hope im in the right section and please excuse my use of the english language - im not a native speaker as you may have noticed.