Does anyone else hope they improve touch response in WP8/IE10

I know touch response and smoothness is pretty good and far smoother than most Android phones, but going between the iPhone 5 and my 8X is pretty noticeable when scrolling, especially in IE10. Same with the 920's Ive played with.

Certainly some apps are better than others such as Baconit, but IE10 is the worst. It noticeably takes just a few milliseconds to start to move with my finger which is just enough to lower the experience. iPhone Safari literally feels like its attached to my finger, while WP has a slight rubber band like attachment to it after finally moving.

Does this not bother anyone else? Sadly to say Im really hoping for registry tweaks like on the Surface someday or improvements in coming updates.

Before you say, "its not like that on my phone", it is.