The best touch screen laptop for dual boot

I work as a developer building mostly web apps, my current computer is a MacBook Pro Late 2011 and it runs amazingly.

I am looking to purchase a new windows 8 touch screen laptop (maybe hybrid) for work usage but also need the ability to dual boot back to windows 7 (and maybe even XP) and of course, needless to say, I do not want anything that runs RT.

Now you might as why I don't dual boot on my MBP, and thats because I have a 90% full SSD that I am not interested in replace along with the need of be using my Mac to troubleshoot while troubleshooting on my Windows set.

When I am not dual booting and troubleshoot I will be using the device as a touchscreen laptop so ideally something that is touch screen would be great.

Does anyone know if there is anything that is a touch screen and has the harddisk space and is actually a solid spec'd computer?