Doing FreedomPop Right

The new MVNO FreedomPop seems like a great idea, but there's a lot of problems with it. Here's how I think you could make a great new MVNO.

Use AT&T's network. The reason all of the MVNO's are struggling is in my opinion that 90% of them use Sprint. Sprint has a pathetic network, awful phones, and most of all is CDMA, so you can't bring your own device easily, move your service around between devices, etc. AT&T is a better choice than T-Mobile because they have LTE, a bigger network, and the same 3G bands as europe, meaning device support is much broader.

Emphasize the "freedom" aspect. No throttling of any specific services, no carrier apps on all the phones, encourage people to bring their own devices, roll out updates as soon as the manufacturer makes the available, sell Nexus devices. Make the company itself a non profit, publicly support net neutrality. Market all of this.

Focus on data: Offer a mifi, and a home broadband option for people in rural areas. And make the pricing similar to FreedomPop: 500MB's a month for free, 1GB a month for the home broadband. 1GB free if a friend joins the service because of you. After that, each GB per month is $10 - thus 3.5GB's would be $30 a month. Minutes for the phones would be $5 per 100 minutes, or $30 for unlimited. Texting would be free.

Sell rebranded AT&T devices; The lastest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, Nexus phone and mobile data enabled tablet, Motorola's X Phone if it's real, plus lower end devices. And the Mifi and home router.