WP7.5, What are the Best Live-Tiles You've Got? WP8 can come too.

The Pictures, People and Contact tiles are nice, but what 3rd party apps really leverage Live Tiles well and look good? A balance of info and eye candy.

What have you found? What do you pin? Please chime in and we can compile a good list for those of us still with WP7. And if you got some great WP8 ones, please indicate they are WP8 only.

I don't have a whole lot that fit the criteria I defined:
Flixster I think is one of the best, it changes the movie photos automatically and flips often. Definitely among the coolest.
Bloomberg was good, but seems to no longer update for me though... Maybe I need to reinstall?
8Tracks is nice, shows last mix-tape and title. [tbh I really appreciate the dev making an unofficial app at all]
Weave has nice topic tiles and updates on its own.
Flickr has great photos, but can't use the app without account..

Ok, your turn guys. Thanks