Windows 8/RT App Spotlight, Part 7

While we've all been busy on the forums, developers have been busy stacking the Windows Store with their awesome apps. After digging through the Windows Store again this week, I return again with more amazingness in the form of nine new third-party apps for the Windows 8/RT app spotlight.

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PODCASTS! is, as you might have guessed, a podcast app. While it is limited in that you can’t add subscriptions not listed, I have yet to not find any of the podcasts I care about, with one exception (The GameStation Podcast).

Product Keys

Free, $1.99 for SkyDrive sync


I have tons of product keys just sitting around. I used to keep the more important keys in a .txt file on a portable hard drive with a back-up on Google Drive. This app is a neat, organisation-friendly way of keeping all your product keys organised—and, as an added benefit—it syncs with SkyDrive.

Nyan Cat The Game



This game… why? Really… why? But it’s oddly addictive.

Unit Conversion Tool



Unit Conversion Tool is a handy, touch-friendly tool that allows you to convert many different units in distance, area, volume, weight, angle, speed, velocity, pressure, energy, power, data storage, and temperature.

IRC Explorer

$2.49, free trial available


IRC is a clean, well-organised and fairly easy to use application for chatting in a whole host IRC channels.

Tom’s Hardware



If you’re familiar with the Tom’s Hardware website ,you’ll enjoy and appreciate this app—if you aren’t get familiar. Tom’s Hardware has all sorts of information of hardware related news and reviews.

Blocked In



An oddly challenging puzzle game, Blocked In will be a big source of rage if you let it. Give it a shot. I had to skip puzzle two because apparently I’m too stupid to figure it out.




A simple, but elegant and perfectly useful stopwatch and countdown app.

Khan Academy



The Khan Academy has a lot of videos on YouTube. This app makes them much, much easier to sort through and enjoy.

How About You?

What apps have you found and enjoyed on Windows 8 and Windows RT? Let me know in the comments down below.

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