Windows Phone 8 probably isn't for me

This holiday season, I decided to get a new phone. I originally wanted a Nexus 4, but I, obviously, couldn't find one anywhere.

So, I decided it was time to give Windows Phone the shot I've want to give it since WP7 was announced.

I've had the 8X for 3 weeks now, and I don't think WP8 is for me. Maybe it has been to soon for me to cast judgment, but I really don't see any major changes in the platform coming soon.

I'll start with the positives first: WP8 is absolutely stunning. Metro (or whatever they're calling it now) is gorgeous and is without a doubt the nicest looking UI on any smartphone right now. I also like the idea behind having your social networks platforms so deeply ingrained into your device.

However, that's where things start going downhill. Facebook messaging in the Messaging hub seems to work whenever it feels like working. I also wish the Me hub showed the number of notifications you had rather than a summary of just one of them.

Notifications are also subpar. Windows Phone definitely needs to a notification center ASAP. If you miss a notification for any app that isn't able to be placed on the lockscreen or has a live tile it's pretty much gone unless you happen to check the app. We all gave iOS shit when the only notifications it had were pop-ups and badges on app icons, I don't know why we're giving Windows Phone a free pass. They should copy Android like Apple did for now and change it if they think of something better farther down the road.

I knew when I jumped onto the platform that the app selection would be lacking but I really don't think I understood how far it's lagging behind. Before you all jump down my throat for this one, I want you to understand that I couldn't care less about the number of apps that are available on a platform, all that matters to me is app quality and that the platform has the widely used apps that are available on other platforms. For the most part, WP8 is failing on both of those fronts.

There's something weird going on with touch interactions too, but I'm not sure if that's a Windows Phone problem or an 8X problem.

I really wanted to love this Windows Phone. I really did. But, right now, it really just doesn't compare to Android or iOS.

Now, I have a few questions. For those of you that have jumped onto Windows Phone from other platform and loved it, why? What about WP8 won you over? I'm genuinely curious. Also, have you experienced any of the issues I brought up. If so, how did you fix them? How have you coped with the dearth of apps available for the platform?