Microsoft needs to do something about WP8 or get beaten by Blackberry

Blackberry has had 2 port a thons in the past two weeks. The first brought over 15,000 apps to the platform while the other got 19,000. Thats almost 35,000 apps in 2 weeks. Now I already know what the comments are going to say. "atleast microsoft doesnt pay for apps". Well you know what I wish they did. They would have alot more god damn apps than they do know. That 35,000 X 100 = 3.5 million dollars. Thats right RIM just paid 3.5 million. I know not all those apps will be approved but still, Microsoft has over 60 billion dollars. Imagine how many apps they could get if they only spent 20 million dollars. It looks like Microsoft has more of a fight on their hands than they thought.

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