A different Windows 8 Start Screen - Inspired by Windows Phone 8

Before I start, I want to state that I respect both camps when it comes to both criticism and praise of Windows 8. Depending on my mood, I either like or dislike the Start Screen and one day I started to bounce some ideas among my friends and co-workers on how the Start Screen can be improved. Long story short, I thought of an idea and it was actually inspired by my experience with Windows Phone 8. My idea isn't radical by any means , but I hope this will serve as a catalyst for someone out there with better artistic skills than mine to come up with alternate ideas about the Start Menu instead of simply complaining for a Windows 7 version of the Start Menu back.

In Windows 8, I figured that the Start Screen could somehow fit into the real estate of the snap screen from the left side. Keep in mind that this does not replace the current Start Screen as it is currently in Windows 8. This is just another option to present the Start Screen. Pressing and holding the Windows button OR simply press Shift + Windows will slide the Start Screen from the left side and the tiles will be arranged in portrait mode rather than the standard landscape mode. You can scroll up and down through your tiles OR you can do one of two things: 1) start typing to activate search or 2) flick your fingers from right to left to reveal the list of apps in Windows 8 (similar to Windows Phone 8).

The idea behind this is to offer the Start Screen in a more compact version while still allowing the user to see the current application that's running. You may want to see if you have any new messages, mail, headlines, etc. to read, which supports the idea of "glance and go" that's been touted by the Windows Phone team. Anyway, this is just an idea and I welcome constructive feedback.

Update: I've made some changes in bold based on constructive feedback. Thanks everyone!</P.