Excited - Which phone will you get??

This is an exciting time. Right?? Every summer I normally get a new phone. This Summer was the GS3 and I LOVE it. The summer before that was the Galaxy Nexus (hated it) that was more of the phone I got in the fall. Like 2 weeks after launch. 6 months before that I think it was the HTC Sensation. And somewhere in there was the awful HTC Evo 3D which I had for about 2 weeks. . . worse than the GNex.

Now it's soon to be the Summer of 2013 and I want to keep my next phone for at least a year. I can find better things to do with my money than ditching carriers and buying new phones. Here's what I am looking into. Tell me which one do you consider to be in your future.

1. Motorola X Phone (Highly Interested)

2. Blackberry 10 (Jumping to a new OS, but only if it shows promise, it would be really hard considering how much I have bought into the Android ecosystem.)

3. iOS 6 (Please Apple Revamp that effing UI. IT SUCKS!! A grid of Icons is not what's hot. I would LOVE to own a new iPhone provided they revamp the OS completely and the hardware) - I invested a little money into the App Store a while back but not like Google. Where I have all my music, movies, mags, apps, games, and books there. Easly over $500 spent in the past 2 years. So not looking forward to doing that on another ecosystem, but I refuse to have ads anywhere on my phone.

4. HTC New Flag ship (Even tho it looks like that have about 100 of them ;-) but Sense 5 could prove interesting right??

5. Galaxy S4 - Actually this should have been first!!! But Sammy needs to NOT make a 5 inch phone and keep the screen size the same and make the body smaller with a higher grade of material to build and also a 1080p screen would be nice.

With that Said I hope to make my choice by June once I have seen everyone's offering. Who has your vote so far??