December Kantar World Panel Mobile OS Market Shares Report released

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random cute girl in press release:


picture of report itself - click to enlarge Capture_jpg_medium

right so some of the details compared with last month:

GB 5.1% in Nov 2012 to 5.9% in December 2012 Up!

Germany 1.8% to 2.6% Up!

France 4.7% to 4.1% Down =(

Italy 11.8% to 13.9% - Up!

Spain 3.0% to 1.8% - Down =(

US 2.7% to 2.6% - Down =(

Australia 4.2% to 2.6% = Down =(

of course these are all snapshot views and i'm guessing with a significant margin of error.. best really to think of US as stagnant.. Italy and GB are showing strong upward momentum which can't be a statistical glitch.. other's just seem to be bobbling at the moment..