Apple should create a service like Spotify: unlimited music streaming for just $10 a month

Without doubt Apple has changed the music industry forever with iTunes, but I believe it is time to move on. To become more modern. I believe a service like Spotify (or Pandora, if you'd like) is the future.

Spotify, for example, gives you - for just $10 a month - access to 20+ million songs to which you can listen on your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet. And there's no limit. Want to listen to a song? Just tap it. It will play immediately without delay - even on 3G.

Spotify also allows you to listen to music offline. So let's so you are going on a holiday to Brazil, you won't need to worry about an internet connection: just select the albums or songs you want to save locally.

Apple needs something similar. While, legally, buying digital music online has become much easier with iTunes, it is still quite expensive. Sure, there are people who will buy all their music, but there are also people who won't buy music on iTunes at all: 10 bucks is barely enough for one full album of music on iTunes. Than there are the people who just sign up for a streaming service like Spotify: $10 a month, and access to all the music they like.

The Key Ingredients
- Cheap: $10 a month
- Big library of music (which should be no problem for Apple)
- Should be integrated right into the Music-app
- Should be available on PC/Mac, Apple TV iPhone and iPad (and if they really want to strike big, competing platforms as well)
- Offline option
- 'Genius'/radio: select an album or song, and let Artificial Intelligence create a nice playlist for you
- Social Sharing: people, for some reason, like to share they are listening to artist X. Integrate Twitter and Facebook.

The risks are big for both music companies and Apple: $10 a month for unlimited access to music, instead of $10 for a small music album.

The idea behind it, however, is to make music even more accessible to people: make the step for signing up so small, that it just isn't worth it anymore to illegally download music. What would you rather have? A million people, occasionally, buying an album - or a million people, or even more, paying $10 a month (that''s $120/year).

I believe services like Spotify will grow bigger and bigger. There are still lots and lots of people who have never heard of "streaming music services", but I think that's gonna change in the coming years - and Apple should be ready when that happens.