Tasker dev releases beta with holo UI, still as complicated as ever

Tasker, an insanely powerful automator app for Android, has a new beta release with a redesigned UI. The developer, Crafty Apps, has put the beta up for download at his site (along with an extensive changelog), and the holo UI that has long been asked for certainly does make a difference. However, the app is still rather confusing, especially for new users; long press is used a lot, and there are many different sections to the app, which adds to the confusion.

Tasker's UI has long been a cause of strife in the Android community - the designers from popular Android webcast Android Design in Action even redesigned the app. Fortunately, the developer seems to have taken note of this redesign.

We're hoping the beta gets a stable release on Google Play soon, but in the meantime, you can have go with the beta.

Via: reddit

Source: Tasker