Surface RT/Pro and Microsoft's inability to market their products

So the Surface Pro is coming out soon, which MS fans here see as the big savior for the Surface family. Even tech journalists seem to indicate so since the release of the Surface RT. I hate to disappoint you, but I am betting that the reviews will be far from stellar, with the main complaints being:

- Too big for a tablet

- Too small for a laptop

- Bad battery life as a tablet, and very average as a laptop

- Not an actual keyboard for actual work

...and they will be right. I personally, would a million times pick a good 13" or 15" laptop as a full-time machine, and a Surface RT as a tablet, over the Pro.

And this is where it gets annoying, because Surface RT is a great choice for a tablet, if viewed as such. Instead, for some reason, everybody shifted their expectations to something that the Surface RT is not supposed to be. To a large extent Microsoft is to blame here, if for no other reason, for branding this thing with Windows, and allowing people to either knowingly (e.g. tech journalists) or unknowingly (e.g. average user) bash the device, for reasons it should never be criticized about.

I predict Surface Pro sales to be as lackluster as those for RT, if not more. We'll see who is right...