Windows 8 Metro Woes

I asked about these issues I've been having in another blog, and only got condescending, unhelpful replies from people who were avidly attempting to defend Metro. I'm not trying to bash Windows 8 or Metro, but I've not been able to get it to do a couple things that I find to be basic functionality on a Mouse and Keyboard PC.

This is one example of the issue I ran into. I got an error code in the "store" every time I tried to download an app. Nothing would download or update. The error code was a long string of letters and numbers that I attempted to copy and paste into a browser to research how to fix the problem. there was no option to cut/copy the text. I've ran into that before, so I go to plan B. I open a web browser and try to split the screen 1/2 web browser and 1/2 Store so I can enter the the error code into the browser, while looking at the code in the store's metro interface. I couldn't find a way to do this. I found out how to split the screen by pressing windows-i, but at that point it brings up more of a switcher menu where you can choose between the open windows, but no way to read from one app (store) and type in another (browser) at the same time.

Eventually I gave up and grabbed a pen and paper to write down the number... This isn't a life ending event, but I was left frustrated. In the so called digital age, why do I have to grab a pen and paper to do something that has been built into windows since Windows 3.1 or so? Why is Metro forced into a full screen mode when I'm running "windows" on a PC with a 30 inch screen? Argh!

Am I doing something wrong? Am I the only person that finds this backwards for a mouse and keyboard PC? I suppose this works just fine on a phone or tablet with a tiny screen, but it is just aggravating to have to constantly jump back and forth between full screen apps on my home computer.