The Verge, Microsoft, and the word 'compromise'


I find this word very distracting. I also find it's a word used a lot by the staff at the verge when commenting on Microsoft's current ambitions.

What is more distracting is that It's so easy for a journalist to push their own subjective agendas into their articles which makes this a big problem for me.

It is what it is, but I would like to suggest this.

Instead, how about the word 'Balance'. That could easily fit in with many of the same arguments that led to the word 'compromised' but in a positive light. Really makes you think on how a writer can easily twist a message to their liking.

Because lets face it, The Verge's headlines, articles and reviews that are related to Microsoft seriously really do feel of an anti-Microsoft propaganda.

Microsoft makes a compromise...(argument x) - vs - Microsoft tries to balance...(argument x)

Try it for yourself.