My Sundance 'review' of Shia LaBeouf's 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman'

I left "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" and was super impressed by what I had witnessed. Instead of a full review, I'm actually just gonna reprint the scribbling notes I took immediately after I left the theater.


I'm not sure how to write about this. What is the proper angle, really? First-time feature-length director puts his skills in the advertising world (award-winning visual mindfuckery) and applies it to a beautiful story that keeps the tone balanced at a very precocious level - somewhere between macabre / dark and romantic / optimistic. Fools in love. Impressive performance by Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf (and who cares, honestly, if he did Transformers to make comfortable bank and then focus on art? Serious kudos, good sir - I forgive you for physically "bumping" me trying to get on your flight from NY. And really, it wasn't that big of a "bump." Also, nice arms, dude. Seriously).

In fact, all parties involved. A refreshing mixture of languages, a hilarious turn by Ron-from-Harry-Potter as anti-Ron-from-Harry-Potter. Old scraggy Vincent D'Onofrio looks just like my dad. JUST like him. That was weird.

Anyone that says "Charlie" with a foreign accent reminds me of LOST and Claire / Charlie. Chaaaaaarlie. Chaaaaaarlie. Anyway.

The special effects are subtle - no cyborgs, robots, or virtual reality. Used to accentuate art vs. overtake narrative. Beautiful all around. Pacing great except for a few moments in between. Maybe lose the voice-over. Does it keep the tone less dark? I wonder. Doesn't matter, still good. Hope someone pays lots of money for it. Has someone? I should Google that later. This reception sucks. Ugh, phone's dying AGAIN. I should turn off bluetoo

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