Why the iPad will probably always beat the Surface and other Windows RT tablets

I won't deny that I was interested by the Surface. There are some features of the hardware that I would definitely find useful on my iPad, Micro SD slot and kickstand being them. But where the Surface and every other RT tablet will always fail in in its software and marketing.

Lets face it, the Surface is a tablet. No matter how much Microsoft will try and tell you that it can be a replacement for your PC, it never will be. Sure Office was included, that's great and is again a feature I like, but it's just not right for that device. Effectively porting the desktop version of Office to a tablet is not a good move. On an iPad, you can buy the iWork suite. Now I know this will cost you, but you get a touch optimised UI which works much better than Office RT.

The iPad was never created as a desktop or laptop replacement. It was created as a companion. No matter how hard Microsoft try with the Surface RT or Surface Pro, they will just simply never measure up to the success that is the iPad. Sure this is my opinion, and I'm pretty sure a lot of Microsoft fans will defend the decisions made with the Surface, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking this.