Nobody talking about the Dual Charging capability of Surface Charger?

Is it just me or is nobody talking about this feature? I think this is absolutely awesome. Maybe I am getting way too over-excited about a simple feature. But I basically have almost all Mac products in every category and they, for sure, don't offer this capability. (I would have bought something like this from Apple if they offered it) Do ultrabooks and other Windows laptops have this feature on their chargers? I think this is a huge win for me since I always feel the need to charge my phone or ipod touch AND laptop at the same time. With this capability, I won't have 3 or 4 wires coming out of my machine. Also, the charging port is similar to the magsafe thing on macbooks which is another positive. (won't make me miss my macbook pro)

Anybody else notice small features about the Surface Pro's hardware or software that people don't talk about?