Android 5.0 UI Ideas

I have been using 4.2 for a few months now and just wanted to spew out some UI ideas and see what people think of them, here goes:

1. Improved Notification tray

-visual feedback about which notifications are pinned (ongoing and thus not swipe-able) as well as visual feedback about which notifications can be expanded.

-Expand options in expanded notifications, such as allow quick reply to sms and other messaging apps directly from the notification shade.

-customizable quick settings screen. (The two finger swipe screen). allow repositioning. as well as things like flashlight, sync, screen timeout, auto screen rotation an gps on/off, network state, etc.

2. Quick App switching

Swipe up from home button should present a semi circle like now but that semi circle should be populated with not only the google now icon but also the 4 apps in your dock. Swiping towards each icon should switch to the desired app. This makes a task switch a one swipe action rather than a 2 touch action. This semi circle should be accessible from anywhere in the os including the lockscreen.

3. Performance profiles

Bake in an app that does actions based on triggers. Basically an expanded motorola smartactions app. The triggers should be time, location,battery life remaining, and charge state

4. GTags (Look I even came up with a name for it!!)

As an addition to the performance profiles, google should market programmable NFC tags. The tags should allow you to do change any settings for the phone. Make the tags really cheap to buy.

5. Multiple User Profiles working together!

Allow the user profile to switch between home and work based on setting it (or even touching a GTag). Have these profiles work together to populate your phone with data. Maybe Google now shows work specific stuff at work and non work stuff at home.

6. Improved back button

Ah, the back button..this is an easy one. All I would like is the back button to change colour when hitting it will result in an exit of the app. Sometimes it is impossible to tell what action hitting the back button will initiate.

7. Auto screen on

Steal this one from blackberry.. I swipe from one edge of the screen to the other should turn the screen on, save you searching for the damn power button with your finger.

That's it.. feel free to rip up my ideas!