What Microsoft should do with that 3 BILLION dollars

Microsoft is going to spend $3 billion on Dell. WTF Microsoft. Spend 3 billion on quality app development. just try to get a health professional to use a windows phone instead of an iphone or android phone and they will laugh at you. there are TONS of free quality nursing, medical, and pharmacy apps that windows phone is embarrasingly lacking. quit worring about hardware and start the billions in investment in apps for our platform. I can't tell you how irritating it is not to have a banking app. where are the quality investment apps. we can download the entire map of the United States to our phones but which map is used by the only geocaching app worth a damn? stupid bing maps which everyone needs a cell signal for. rediculous. i love my lumia but find it difficult to recommend to people to switch from ios or android. i don't want to be responsible for their disappointment. hope you Microsoft people are listening!