iPad mini, regular sized iPad?

I'm hearing a lot of stuff in the press that the iPad mini is killing of sales of the regular iPad. I think that's crazy and not true. The mini is for certain people. While the full sized ipad is for others. I could never and would never give up my full sized ipad. It's my favorite device. I do everything on it. Especially for art. It's my sketchbook, and i do a lot of client projects right on the iPad. It's a great size for creating art. Plus retina display. I really hope the real iPad doesn't get forgotten by apple. If the sales of the mini are out pacing the full sized this could be a problem. Not for apple but for users. If this happens apple should make the big ipad into it's pro tablet for artists put in pen pressure and call it a day. If the general consumer wants the mini let them have the mini. Leave the big ipad for the artists. I could not picture having a smaller iPad, and i know i'd never want to create on a smaller ipad. I think this will change with the next gen full sized ipad. I bet it's going to be so thin and light and have an incredible design.