Sprint Upgrade coming up,any idea what should I get?

I'm already using an iPhone 4 and to be honest I'm getting a little bored with it. I would consider a 4S only if there was no other serious options,but I'm very interested in a galaxy nexus,though I've gotten mixed reviews about it,(horrible battery life has been a consistent criticism though). The GSIII looks nice but I don't know how much is a great phone and how much is hype. If you guys could offer other suggestions,or your opinion and experiences with those devices it'd be greatly appreciated.

PS: If it helps,I'm not a fan of huge phones. I'm not sure the exact size of the Optimus G,but that is FAR to large for me. I would like a nice camera,one better than my 8 megapixel iPhone 4. Battery life is important,though I wouldn't mind carrying around an extra battery for android. Oh and all the little things people use as a plus for android,(NFC,ROMs,rooting),I don't really care about. I just want an awesome phone that I can play around with and make very personal :)