Since when technology became religion ?

It is ok to like or dislike something. It is ok to voice your opinion. It is ok to defend your allegiance to a specific company, but do we have to fight over it ? I love Microsoft, I love Nokia more, proud to say, every phone I ever owned was and is a Nokia. but I don't go around cursing iPhone or Samsung users on forums and stuff. Why are people so aggressive about a piece of technology ? I was in a mall once and I just wondered if the mobile store had any Lumia 920 cases. I walked in to get intimidated. The sales guy went bezerk when he saw the Lumia 920 in my hand. Why did you get that ? Is it still within the exchange period ? Get a S3, Windows Phone is crap, Nokia is dead. I was like, aren't you supposed to address the customer's needs rather than imposing your opinions ? Jeez, man that guy was a real life fandroid, no problem with that, but just keep it to yourselves, PLEASE.