Do you ever feel like you always end up doing tech support for your family and friends ?

I'm currently entertaining the following business idea : writing a concise computer guide catered especially to people over 40 I know there are already a lot of computer resources for seniors, but I think my USP (unique selling point) would be to write a short guide (as an eBook to minimize costs) focused on giving autonomy to the reader, unlike the "For Dummies" collection which only publishes 500 pages long books with every single key to press to achieve anything.

It would be a concise guide (50-100 pages) destined to people like my parents (age 50) and aiming to stop them from seeking help from their relatives or getting upset at their pc, but instead teaching them to use effectively web search and online communities to solve their problems.

The idea is -contrary to most business ideas- to give the customer fishing lessons instead of directly the fish.

The idea came from being a constant tech assistant when at my parents', and I don't think I am alone in that situation. I feel like such a product does not exist yet and would provide actual value to the customers.

The main difficulty I then find is: how do I reach my target demographic ? Since by definition they do not use the web proficiently, I'm thinking of marketing the products to computer literate people (20 to 35) to promote the book to their older relatives, in order to stop the tech support harassment they suffer from.

It could be The last guide you'll buy your parents or The last time you give tech advice to your parents, or something like that, without the parents part.

So what do you think ? I might be too optimistic in thinking people will eventually learn to search on google... Thanks for any feedback