What's in your bag? (2013 edition)

Another year, another thread.

Today I thought I lost my bag, and all my valued items and gadgets inside of it. Needless to say, my bag has been on my mind today, so I figured I'd come here and talk about it.

So let's see it: what's in your bag, Verge Forums?


This is my bag. An American made, Rickshaw Square Edition Medium Zero Messenger Bag. (Rickshaw has some great photos of it over on their Flickr). The story of how this bag became mine is kind of an interesting one. About a year ago, Square Inc. was looking for some college kids to do a little bit of marketing and sales work for them, and I was one of the lucky ones hired on to do it. They sent us a pack of free Square swag (a couple American Apparel T's with the logo slapped on the front, some business cards, etc.) and this bag. I've used it since the day I got it and love it. It has two large pockets tucked under the flap, and one main pocket for books, laptops, etc. I use this day to day, but also have a giant Swiss Gear backpack someone got me a few years back. It has clips on either side, that I usually throw my keys on, and a nice adjustable strap. It also has some Velcro on the inside of the main pocket to add in some accessories. There has been very little wear and tear over the year or so that I've had it, and I'd strongly recommend it if you are in the hunt for a medium size messenger bag.


Now on to the guts. This is basically (give or take an iPhone case or a mouse and add a textbook or two) what I carry with me when I carry a bag. So I'll just do a quick rundown:

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT (32gb w/ Cyan Touch Cover): This is my new favorite gadget. I bought it the day after Christmas and I can't put it down. I posted up a little review here in the forums, so if you're interested, head over and check out my more in depth thoughts on it.

Microsoft Touch Mouse: I bought the mouse the day I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 and really like it. Microsoft's mouse software allows you to customize pretty much every click and gesture this thing can do, so navigating Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse is 1000x easier.

Sandisk MicroSD Card/ Card Reader (4GB)/ 4GB PNY Flash Drive: Pretty basic. Used for extra storage on my Surface and to transfer files when my university's shoddy Wi-Fi is down.

iPhone 4S (16gb, Sprint): My iPhone is, well, it's an iPhone. I am pretty much plugged in to every service that Microsoft has to offer, so I'd ideally have a Windows Phone (but since I'm on Sprint I'll have to wait until "summer" for that). That said, I have really liked my iPhone in the year I've had it.

HEX Solo Wallet for iPhone 4/4S: This is my favorite case that I've had/seen for the iPhone. I hate carrying a wallet, so being able to throw my school ID, Charlie Card, etc in the back and not have to worry about bringing my wallet with me is great. Two of the corners of the case are completely gone and the side is coming off, so it looks like its time for a new one.

White Apple iPhone 4/4S Bumper: I bought the bumper pretty much as an impulse buy when I was getting my iPhone replaced. The wait in the Apple Store was getting to me and I caved. It's alright, nothing special. I usually put it on when I run and use Nike+.

Bose OE2 Headphones (w/ case): I love my OE2's. I'm not much of an audiophile, and probably couldn't tell you if they are better or worse than other headphones in the same price range, but I got them as a gift and couldn't be happier. I've used them in my room, on the train, on a plane, and they've always come through and kept noise out and my music clear.

Apple headphones: Again, I use them when I run using Nike+ or if I don't want to lug my Bose around with me.

Moleskin Professional Large Notebook: I just got my first large moleskin a few weeks ago and really like it. I prefer the layout of the Professional Notebook for my note taking style, to what I saw from other large Moleskins. No complaints here.

Small Blue Moleskin: Not exactly sure what style of Moleskin my little blue notebook is, but I use it to scribble down quick to do lists or things I need to remember. Very useful, fits in my pocket.

Geoffrey Beene Card Wallet: As I mentioned before, I hate carrying a wallet. This little card wallet does the job pretty well though. I never have cash on my, so the lack of a cash pocket takes away some of the bulk of the kinds of wallets I hate. Nice to have when I need to carry a few cards at once.


-Screen cleaner for my Surface and iPhone, a must have.
-Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm, helpful in these cold New England winters.
-Keys on a free mountain clip I got from some random group at my university.
-And lastly, a highlighter, a pen, and a mechanical pencil, you know, to write with.