Help Needed: iPhone 5 vs Droid DNA vs Galaxy S III

I consider myself a "tech" guy and quickly provide others with advise in purchasing decisions, but somehow, I am not completely sure of what to do. I am on Verizon, and my original Galaxy S (Fascinate) is dying a slow death of bootloops and random crashes/freezes. I have an upgrade available, so I thought about the three best smartphones on Verizon - the iPhone 5, the Droid DNA, and the Galaxy S III.

Naturally, the Galaxy S III is a logical choice for me. I am comfortable with Samsung devices, and they have excellent development communities at sites like XDA. However, the Droid DNA touts the most impressive specifications with a 1080p display and a quad core S4 Pro SoC. Then, there is always the nagging iPhone. I have people claiming how great it is all the time. The latest iPhone is quite powerful, and finally, it has a bit larger display. It, however, isn't as tweakable as the DNA or SGS III which is a priority.

Galaxy S III Droid DNA iPhone 5
SoC 1.5 Ghz S4 Plus 1.5Ghz S4 Pro 1.3Ghz Apple A6
Display 4.8" 720p Super AMOLED 5" 1080p 4" 1136x640 IPS
Storage 16/32GB 16GB 16/32/64GB
OS Android 4.1 Android 4.1 iOS 6
Price $199 $199 $199

As you can see, the devices are pretty competitive. They all have LTE support, fast SoCs, and excellent displays.

Thoughts? Opinions? If you own any of these devices, are there any issues you have encountered. I want this phone to reliably last two years minimum so that I am not forced to buy a phone without an upgrade.

Thanks -