The beauty of choice

Now this post isn't necessarily about Microsoft in particular, but I thought I'd post it here as I'm primarily a Windows user and Windows has always been about choice.

It seems that now more than ever there are more and more eco-systems to choose from. There's Microsoft, Apple, Android and there are more to come with the likes of Ubuntu with their Ubuntu Phone OS. Fans of certain corporations are extremely quick to say that someone should be using a certain device because of another device they own. For example, if I owned a Windows Phone, many Microsoft fans would be quick to tell me, 'oh you definitely need to be using Windows on your PC' or 'get a Surface'. But you know, just because that's their blind opinion, why should that have to be adhered to ? Take me for example. I've been a Windows user for years, I've never owned a PC with another OS. Windows does what I need it to do on my computer so I'm happy with it. But my tablet is an iPad and while I'm interested in the Surface, I'm not considering switching anytime soon. Also, I use an iPhone as my daily driver. Windows Phone's UI appeals to me, but I'm still not interested in switching to WP anytime soon.

My point is, don't be afraid to mix and match the products you use. I use iTunes for my music and video on a Windows 8 PC instead of Xbox services, so in the eyes of some Microsoft fans, that's just wrong. But that's what works for ME. Now that's not going to be the case for everyone and there are some people who want to have devices in the same eco-system and that's fine too. But don't hate on someone just because they use different devices. So what if you have a Mac and use Windows Phone ? So what if you use an iPhone but have an Android Phone ?

Choice is one of the best things about the world of technology, so choose what is right for YOU. Only you know what works for your needs.