Is the "X" phone an evolution of the Nexus program?

So based on Larry's recent statements about advancing smartphone hardware, and the recent rumors of a Motorola X phone, we can definitely assume that Google is working on developing next generation hardware using the recently acquired Motorola. The assumption is that Google is trying to boost its own Motorola to compete against the iPhone AND other Android manufacturers. This might be partially true, but what if they're doing something much more interesting and cooperative?

Maybe the X phone is a step forward in android reference designs. Google sees that it can't be limited to providing excellent software on android phones. It must also provide direction for innovative hardware.

If google were to release a new Motorola X phone every 6 months/1 year with cutting edge hardware, it could provide incentive for other manufacturers to incorporate the hardware into its next line of phones. Even more so, it would force the manufacturers to work more closely with google on its next line of hardware and software such that forking would be less desirable.

It would kind of be like Nexus 2.0, where manufacturers would still be able to incorporate some of their own design language but it would also reign in android a bit more and make it advantageous to keep google close in their production.

This would take a huge burden off the OEM's in that they wouldn't need to put so much effort into forking android (or creating their own OS entirely), and it would also allow google to decrease fragmentation and encourage innovation/better phones.