Google/Motorola X Phone: The proper way to skin Android

With the rumors swirling around Google and Motorola launching a new device, you can imagine that Android fans are just a little excited.

What excites me though is the possibilities related to software.

For years now, we've all complained, reasoned or accepted that skins were never going away. We've come to see that in some cases, such as with Samsungs S-Pen, that certain skinned software can be useful and not simply a gimmick.

Yet, the main problem with skins still exists: timely updates.

To overcome this issue, Google has begun selling Nexus devices, but we clearly see the problems with this. Problems with supply and demand. Lack of LTE. So-so customer support. And mostly, carriers dragging their feet.

Which brings me to this point: maybe the X Phone will show how Android can finally keep all phones up to speed.

Maybe the X Phone will serve as an example in these areas:

Software- Android 5.0/ Key Lime Pie will demostrate how to install a skin that can be more of a launcher that leaves room for faster updates, but still give OEMs freedom to adjust things in their own fashion.

Hardware- The X Phone shouldn't be sold as the Nexus is at cutthroat prices, leave that to the Nexus. Give us a high end phone in all areas, leaving no stone unturned.


*Great camera

*Impressive build materials

*Choices for screen size (Not simply a gimped version of the flagship. Give me the same internal in a smaller package. Maybe a 5in 1080p display model and a 4.3in Razr M style 720p display model.)

Again, I don't need the phone to be ridiculously cheap, since if rumors hold true and this device comes to most carriers, I can simply upgrade.

If these things come true for Android regarding the software, I think Android could finally get the 'update' monkey off its back.

This would open the way for those with Android phones to finally experience all the great features Google has baked into the OS.

Anyway, what do you guys think?