So, BB10 arrives in less than a week...

What are your thoughts on it? Are you getting one? Frankly, I'm not, I don't have the time for an upgrade yet, but I do think it's interesting. There is a lot of things that BB10 seems to do well. However, I think the UI could definitely use a lot of work. There is just too much that seems borrowed from other OS. There's weird mixes of UI from Windows Phone, iOS and Android, quite prominent in the Hub.

I do like the gestures, the multitasking and the overall performance though. It's a pretty feature rich OS and it's probably one of the most, if not the most, natural feeling OS I have ever used. All the swiping feels great in hand and the 4.2" screen on the London/L-Series/Z10 is the perfect combination of size and one-handed usability. Peek and flow seems really intuitive to use. The keyboard is actually pretty good once you get used to it, it feels natural to swipe.

Sorry for the random jumble of thoughts, I'm just putting things out there