Where is the Windows 8 laptop for the power user/gamer? (2 months later)

Two months ago I wrote this post:

Where is the Windows 8 laptop for the power user/gamer?

....because I can't seem to find it.

Although Windows 8 is still very much in it's infancy. I'd expect that by now a simple combination to suit the needs of the gamer/power user should be available, yet much searching has left me wanting for a model offering:

  • The all important touch screen
  • Discrete graphics
  • At least 1080 vertical pixels (and more if possible)
  • An i7 ivy bridge processor because big numbers are always better....

Yet I've come nowhere near finding what I'd think should be a package available now generally getting tripped up by the touch screen. Surely Dell, Sony, Acer should have something in the pipeline. Or do I have to wait a bit longer....

At the time I was looking for a new years onslaught of manufacturers that would be offering the golden combination (for me, anyway) of something running Windows 8, with a touch screen and capable of gaming now and again. But since Asus have recently move their Zenbook range into more prominence on their site (including the U500VZ touch which almost perfectly fits my requirements) I've still yet to hear of a release date for anything fitting my specifications.

So I was wondering if anyone in the forums has any idea of something I might be missing out in the market, the main problem always seems to be that for whatever combination of good power and a nice outer shell you can get it will almost always be lacking the touch screen.

As a result I'm still close to not keeping a macbook out of the equation ( I'm aware there's no touch screens here either but at least the multi-touch trackpad should mitigate that).

So any ideas?