Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh 29-years ago today


On this day, 29 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh. A computer far ahead of its time that would revolutionize the way we do modern personal computing. Although its hefty price tag meant that the Macintosh didn’t meet sales expectations, it paved the path for having a computer on every desk of every worker and every student. The Macintosh improved greatly on the price of the technology first introduced with Apple Lisa. The Macintosh retailed at only $2,495 even though it was the first computer to be small enough to be carried in its own bag.

The Macintosh boasted a 9-inch, 512 x 342 black and white display that could do graphics. In the early 1980s even giant supercomputers couldn’t do graphics — this was a breakthrough for Apple. For the first time, home users could interact with a computer interface using their mouse and images, text. The Mac introduced to the world the first 3.5-inch 400KB floppy drive, a huge step forward compared to the old 5.25-inch floppy used before. The Mac also included an amazing 128KB of RAM, and the 32-bit 68000 series CPU — the same model used in the $10,000 Apple Lisa. One of the features Steve Jobs touted during his presentation was the built-in sound and the Mac’s ability to read a given set of text. The Macintosh shipped with the operating system known as System 1.0 and the first version of the Finder application.

The Macintosh brand would continue a very successful path through the decades,and while a thing of the past, the first child of any family will always have a special place in tech history.