Nexus 4 buzzing

Hi everyone, I finally received my Nexus 4 a few days ago, hooray! But wait...

Last night, when my room was quiet, I could hear a slight buzzing sound coming from my phone.

Upon closer inspection it appeared to be buzzing only when the screen was on and it was most audible when listening at the top (near the earpiece) on the front and back of the phone. When listening near the bottom of the phone the buzzing is pretty much inaudible.

I did a quick google search this morning and found that it's not only me that's having a problem. Furthermore it looks like people are having all types of different problems; buzzing with screen on and off, buzzing during calls, etc.

Take a look for yourselves here; click me! (or browse the various other reports online)

Apparently there's no word from Google or LG yet but personally I think an explanation would be greatly appreciated as it is a little unsettling not to know if it is actually a hardware fault or not.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this around here and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?