New X Phone Rumors:

There are some really juicy rumors that include:

  • Motorola X Phone will be announced at Google I/O in May.
  • Current target for release is July 8 (definitely subject to change).
  • All carriers will sell the X Phone.
  • Verizon will sell it for $299 on contract.
  • All versions will also be sold through the Google Play store at similar off-contract price to Nexus line.
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader through Verizon, they will charge a $15/month fee.
  • If you buy it through Google Play, it comes unlocked with no fee.
  • Not a “Nexus” but will come running stock Android and with some bloatware.
  • Bloatware can apparently be removed once unlocked.

All of the rumors seem very reasonable except the Verizon part, but with Verizon you never know.

What do think? I am really excited for it. I would definitely pay a lot for a 5" Droid Razr M style screen with great specs. I would definitely like to see a 3000+ mAh battery and Tegra 4/Snapdragon 800 with LTE.

This comes from a redacted forum source. Here is one article mentioning it.