Does Anyone Else Think This Kind of Post is Bullshit?

"The situation that Android is facing, where the amount of fragmentation that you're seeing is increasing as people take it in different directions, is of course offset by Google's efforts to turn an open ecosystem into something that's quite a bit more closed as you've seen quite recently."
Despite name-checking Android, it seems likely that when saying "quite recently," Elop is referring to Google's decision to drop Exchange ActiveSync support, a Microsoft-licensed technology that Windows Phone relies on to offer push email for Gmail users

Okay, I'm getting kind of sick of this. Nowhere in the quote by Elop is the mention of EAS other than in Aaron's so called analysis of the situation. Elop isn't trying to diss Google, if not he's actually kind of praising them. "Fragmentation is subdued by Google's use of control over their own ecosystem/OS." is closer than anything related to EAS.".

This has nothing to do with Nokia, Microsoft, Google or the whole EAS...thing. It has to do with pulling facts out of your ass and pulling the tone of the article into weird, unrelated tangents.