What do you guys use on the Surface RT/Windows 8 for your PDF reader/editor?

Hey Tribe.

I was wondering what you guys (Windows 8 users or Surface RT owners) use for PDF viewer/editor app/program for your devices. I'm going to be purchasing the Surface Pro + Office 13 and coming back from years of using Macbook laptops. (Note: I only use my Windows 7 desktop machine for gaming) For OSX, there's PREVIEW application that's very useful for PDFs.

So if there's something that's very similar to PREVIEW on Windows 8.

I usually convert PPT lectures to PDF using Office for Mac 11 and then I type extra notes on the PDF in the margin or open space on the slide.

Thanks, in advance.

If you guys have other applications that you guys recommend for Windows 8 for school or work, let me know too!