Attitudes to Windows Phone need to change

Windows Phone is in my eyes a definite competitor in the market, at least it would be, if people's attitudes towards it would change. I've thought hard about why people think the way they do about it, and I've come up with one thing, Windows.

Windows is the marketshare leader in the desktop OS world. That doesn't come without problems and those problems are viruses and malware. Despite the fact that Windows is a fantastic, versatile OS that I love, normal consumers associate Windows PCs with viruses. This, is what I believe hampers Windows Phone.

In my opinion, Windows Phone is a fantastic OS. It's truly unique in it's design and ease of use. It offers the ability to customize your phone to your liking and to make it a truly personal experience. However seeing that name, Windows, puts people off. What people need to understand is that apps from the Windows Phone marketplace will not have malware. They are checked vigorously before they go into the marketplace, just like iOS. Sure there is always some risk, but it's the same risk as you take with iOS, nothing like the risk on Android. In terms of viruses or Malware, Android is the mobile OS version of Windows on a PC.

I myself am thinking of switching to Windows Phone from my iPhone. It's definitely a fantastic OS and offers a lot of promise that I really must applaud Microsoft for. Lets just hope others will feel the same way.