Apple OS Convergence Reciprocated

It's apparent what Apple is giving OSX from the iOS camp but with iOS getting 'stale' maybe a little needs to go back the other way in the next update. My iPad has become my everyday companion to campus and our relationship is getting along quite nicely. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like some of the functionality of my Mac thrown on there.

1. An interactive menu bar. This has been addressed in Android by swiping down over the menu bar in places that you want to interact with. I'm not a fan of this solution because it seems that it would be too easy to get the wrong item in a quick gesture. In OSX I can mess with wifi, set volume, well... I guess that what I'm asking for is quick settings. First and foremost I want quick settings. I hate leaving my house and not turning off wifi to find that my phone is connected to some shit AT&T public wifi that is a half a mile away. So when you engage notification center you activate the menu bar for interaction.

2. I would like a dashboard. I seldom use it in OSX but I think that I would use it regularly in iOS. Because it wouldn't be activated unless opened like in OSX then it wouldn't be a battery drain (I think). There isn't a stocks widget on the iPad and that frustrates me. Put the dashboard where the spotlight search is and put the spotlight search in the notification center so I can get to it quickly like I do in OSX with command+space.

3.I finally realized that something does need to be done with a file system. I went about quickly at the start of this semester to load all the syllabi and PDFs of assigned journal readings from my schools blackboard site onto the iPad. As excited as I was to always have that stuff at hand on my iPad I then realized that the iBooks app sucks. Not only is the skeumorphism kind of off putting for a bunch of PDFs (who puts PDFs on a bookshelf?) but there are no names under them! I have to try and read the title from the tiny thumbnail which on academic journals is in very small type. I thought no worries I'll just download Adobe Reader but when I did I found that I needed to re-download all of the PDFs. Not cool. So add Finder.

4.A gesture in Safari for back and forth through webpages. I use the two finger back and forth 99.99% of the time on my Mac. When I use the iPad it feels strange that I have to press a button.

5. One last small thing. Calculator in spotlight. On OSX when I need to do quick addition, subtraction, etc. I hit command+space then type 576/90 or whatever and get a quick answer. From Samsungs tablets the only feature that makes me a little envious is the quick app calculator that you can use when in another app. Now I know that I'd have to leave an app to get to spotlight so this would have to be implemented with the spotlight in the notification center.

These are small things and I'm sure that If I really concentrated that there would be many more. I love my iPad for it's portability but it is no where near as pleasurable to use as an OSX machine. What are some things from OSX that you'd like to see converged into iOS?