Reviews seem unnecessarily critical

I'll be very specific here..

I saw and used Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A running Windows 8 for about an hour and found that whatever's been criticised about the laptop in the review were not true.

One of the most criticized part was the trackpad for this laptop. I agree that it is not as great as the one on a macbook air but it is not bad at all.

Even the hinge for the laptop was criticised for being weak. I think that the hinge is far from weak. It is much stronger than the one on a macbook air 13 inch. (I checked macbook air review and I was suprised to find that the weak hinge was not mentioned there at all..!)

Macbook air and Asus Zenbook prime are the exact same price for the exact same internal specs.

Macbook air - Looks better than Asus zenbook, and no sharp edges, weaker hinge

Asus - Better screen with touch input

How is that Asus's ultrabook gets a 7.1 score vs 8.8 for the macbook air.

I'm not trying to accuse of any fanboyism here.. All I'm saying is this is just plain wrong.

My point here is that, I decided not buy this laptop solely based on the review from the verge but now I know better. I hope they will be more objective than subjective.