European/German Readers needed. Surface Pro/ Acer Iconia W700

In the next weeks or month i plan on purchasing a Windows 8 Tablet with an Intel Core i5 Processor. So when i first researched for products that would fit my needs i instantly stopped for the Surface Pro and the Acer Iconia W700.
Now, a few month later, i am still undecided if i will buy one or not, and if i will buy one, which one will it be.
Today i ran over this offer from a German online marketplace: Here
They offer the Acer for about 899€ including the keyboard case with an i-3337u CPU and a 128GB SSD.
Those are the biggest advantages i see in the Acer device, whereas there is the difference in the price:
The Surface will cost me about 879€ or maybe 850€ if Microsoft is being nice to us Germans + a Touch or a Type Cover. (I guess it will be the Type Cover because i plan to use it for studying purposes). That will result in an relatively high 1000€ including maybe a mouse.
On the Retailers Page there is a coupon that gives you 10% off all products and this way i will get the tablet for 810€+ shipping. The keyboard will be included so there is just the need for a Bluetooth mouse and maybe a stylus which both can be easily bought for around 20€ each.
But the advantages of the Surface can't be forgotten: It offers the digitizer stylus and includes a microsd card slot. Also there are the advantages in design. The Surface is super-nice and the integrated kickstand seems good.
As i will study, i planned on taking some notes with the stylus such as formula during classes or some basic sketches, really basic.
Is it worth spending at least 100€ more on the Surface and wait for a device that has an inferior hard drive, processor and which doesn't include a keyboard, but offers a digitizer stylus and a first-class design ?
Even if the wait is, unfortunately for an indeterminate time frame ?