Dell Streak 5

I can purchase one for around £76, and just wondered if it was worth doing so. I already have a Windows Phone (having previously had the HTC Mozart, HTC Titan, Lumia 800 and HTC 8S) I'm looking for something new. Previously I've had a HTC sensation which I didn't gel with.

I won't be using it as my main phone ( I have three contracts, two phones), but just thought considering the price it might be a good buy to give android another try.

I know it's quite an old device - but do you think it'd still provide a good experience as something to play with/use occasionally?

Does anyone know anything exceptional about it, or why it might be worthwhile?

(I'm not looking for an other phone to be honest, but something about this proposition interested me and I'm not going to be buying a new android device because almost every phone I've brought has been sim free and I've banned myself from doing so).