Play a Game with Me

It's no surprise that Windows 8 isn't the most-liked version of Windows ever to be released. Windows has changed. Some people complain that it's the new ME or the new Vista--others still claim it's not any good on desktops or laptops--or any device without a touchscreen--because the presence of the Modern UI apparently makes them forget that the rest of Windows is still there waiting for them. Some complain about the absence of the traditional Start Menu.

Others have more legitimate concerns like driver compatibility, software issues, and usability fears. Personally, I love Windows 8--it's been my favourite version of Windows by far--and I really loved Windows 7 (which, by the way, was totally my idea).

I was browsing reviews on the Microsoft Store for Windows 8--some of them legitimate reviews cast either in favour or against Windows 8-- and others still are serious eyerollers.

So here's the game: help me find the best eyerollers. Help me find the downright stupid comments--the outright lies, fabrications, or obvious demonstrations of absolute ignorance in the many reviews on the Microsoft Store.

Here are a few of my favourites so far:

Basically they have taken all of the control away from the users, and handed it to the "Apps". Anyone out there that fancies themselves as a power user should take care when making the decision to "upgrade" their computers to this tablet OS.

Apparently this ignorant developer is unaware that the features of the Modern UI now make it possible to not only have those same four windows open, but also to have an additional snapped pane of information:

As a web developer, I find myself constantly having 4+ windows open with applications relevant to the task at hand. ModernUI is an attempt to kill the ability to do this, instead making every app run full screen.

Not only can this user not spell, apparently clicking "desktop" from the Start Screen is too much of a challenge for this user:

This product has the worst continuity I have ever seen in a virtual machine, infact it feels like 2 seperate operating systems mangeled together, one for touch and one for desktop use, although the desktop experience that was in Winows 7 is not present.

Another user for which finding the "desktop" tile was too much of a challenge:

This application might be great on a pad or smartphone where the use of apps is prevalent, but is trash on a non-touchscreen desktop. Also be warned that there is NO classic mode to back this operating system into a Windows 7 performance characteristic

Apparently tapping the Windows key or dropping the cursor down to the bottom-left corner of the screen is difficult for this user:

you find yourself on the desktop which does not seem to have changed very much. Why is it so difficult to get to the start menu.

This user is so mad at Windows 8 that he nearly traded a console that doesn't run the OS for another...

This OS is NOT the best. In fact, I was so ticked off at Microsoft for this horrible OS I almost traded my 360 for a ps3.

I suspect this user didn't understand what "keep all your files and settings" meant when installing Windows 8.

I forgot what a pilot once said, "never fly the A model of anything"!
Well, I sure steeped in it, this OS has destroyed my files, pictures and everything.