Acer W510 vs. HP Envy X2

As you could probably gather from the title I need input from the Verge community on which of these two windows 8 tablets is best.

Performance: I'm guessing it'll be nearly identical since the specs are identical and those are good enough for a companion device. (I have a Sager NP8150 for heavy lifting)

Price: basically the same price for both at the 64gb w/ keyboard configurations.

Construction: I have only felt the X2 and while I agree it feels very high quality and premium I also agree with David Pierce when he said that the device feels cold to the touch. Its not that big of a deal but its noticeable. The W510 on the other hand I have only read about in reviews and it seems to be a bit on the cheaper side due to its lower price.

Dock + Ports: From what I have read they both have near identical ports but the dock for the X2 is a clear winner

I will be using it mainly for browsing, spotify, VLC, and maybe the occasional game of FTL or Torchlight 2 when Im on the go. I have considered a Surface RT and an iPad 4 but the tegra three is dated and I would lose out on VLC and some legacy applications. I wanted to want an iPad but split screen viewing is a must for me and I prefer the traditional windows UI to all tablet UI's

I am lost at this point and would really appreciate whatever input you guys have. Thanks for all the input :)