Air or Pro if they are the same price?

Some nine months ago, I posted a thread requesting advice on the MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air and the Apple Core community was tremendously helpful, so I am hoping I can trouble all of you with a follow up query.

I am currently using a much-loved Sony vaio as my personal work computer, but it appears to be going belly-up (motherboard has to be replaced, which in my experience is not worth it). As I have been thinking about transitioning back to the Mac for a while and am not 100% sold on the direction MS is going in, I think it is time to switch. I am currently in the UK, where laptops are more expensive, and I basically have a budget of about 1000 pounds (1600 USD). For this price, I can get the entry level 13 inch Air or Pro--the catch is that with the academic discount I am getting they are both the exact same price (898--which works out to just a hair more than the US price for the equivalent machine, and several hundred more for the Pro). I also cannot wait; I basically have to buy this computer within 10 days as I am about to depart for a developing country where computers are through the roof expensive. My usage scenario is mostly word processing and the like, with occasional minor video editing. I do use some Windows only software that is RAM intensive (NVivo), but it appears that the MacBook Air could handle it "well enough" (and a native mac version of NVivo is coming out this fall anyway).

From what I can tell, the difference between the two is:

* MacBook Air is lighter, higher screen resolution, and faster due to the SSD drive, but weaker processor and maxes out at 4GB RAM.

* MacBook Pro is heavier (around 4.5 pounds, about a pound more than my current system), has a lower-res screen, but better processor and can be upgraded to up to 8 GB RAM.

Is there something I am missing? What would you do given that they are exactly the same price? Many thanks.

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