Quick thoughts on Facebook Graph Search

Dear Facebook:

Okay, so I just got the new Graph Search Beta yesterday. It's...fine. I mean, it's not amazing, it's not terrible. It's fine. It's fun to see what all I can search for, I guess, though I can guarantee you that 90%+ of queries are going to involve "friends of friends who are single and like <x> and are <y>", so if you're trying to make a stealth dating service...good work?

Here's the thing though: It's useless to me without the ability to search through my old posts. Being able to find *pictures* is awesome, but one of the most infuriating activities on Facebook is digging through weeks or months of posting history to find that quote or that link I posted.

Here are some example search queries that would be awesome:

- "Posts I made that were liked by at least 10 people"

- "Posts I made with links to theverge.com"

- "Posts I made that were liked by at least 10 people and contain the word 'phone'"

Or, for the more security conscious, searches like:

- "Posts I made that contain the word 'Sam' and are viewable by the public or by friends of friends"'

ALSO! Performing actions based on a search would be pretty solid:

"Block all posts and comments from friends and friends of friends who like Rush Limbaugh".

I realize it's a beta, which is why I'm telling you this now: make it happen! Please! If so, it would be super awesome, and I'll be all like "Google+? Google+ who?"

Hugs and kisses,

That one guy that got quoted in that one Verge article about Facebook

PS -

WHY DID YOU MOVE THE NOTIFICATION ICONS TO THE RIGHT?! For years I've been programmed to look to the upper-left, and now it's in the upper right. WHY MUST YOU CHANGE THINGS FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE?!?